What does it cost?

Assessment Meeting (MIAM) FREE (If eligible for legal aid)
£90 (If not eligible for legal aid)
Typed notes from mediation session FREE
Consultation with children FREE
Mediation Appointments

Mediation session are approximately 1.5 hours

The average number of mediation sessions required for a typical case is:

Child issues only 1-2 sessions
Property and finance issues 2-3 sessions

All issues (children and property and finance) 3-4 sessions
FREE to clients who are eligible for legal aid

£120 when the gross annual household income is less than
or equal to £15,000

£180 when the gross annual household income is greater than £15,000
Final agreement documents (for financial cases) £150

*All prices include VAT (20%)

if you wish to be assessed for legal aid eligibility you MUST bring in evidence of your income: payslips, accounts, and/or benefits documents plus bank statements so we can assess you.

Payment can be made by credit/debit card – or by cheque to Norfolk Family Mediation Service.

Please note: If you fail to attend your appointment, or if you do not give 24 hours notice of cancellation, there will be a fee of £20 for the missed appointment.

If you are on a low income or certain benefits, you may be entitled to public funding (Legal Aid) that will cover the cost of mediation. If not, we will make a reasonable charge for our services. If you or your former partner qualifies for Legal Aid your MIAM and first mediation session may be free to both parties.

If I qualify for Legal Aid, how does it work?

If you qualify for Legal Aid assistance. You would be required to bring evidence along to your first meeting to confirm your status. Here is a current checklist of documents you will need to bring.

A legal aid calculator can be found here to work out if you are eligible:

Do the mediators have an interest?

No our mediators are 100 per cent impartial. Their aim is to help separating couples get to a point of agreement on the arrangements for their children and finances.

Is mediation confidential?

All discussions during mediation are confidential, unless there are safeguarding risks for either party or the children.

What happens after mediation?

If we help you agree the basis of your divorce or separation, we will compile the Statement of Outcome (for children issues) and/or Memorandum of Understanding and Open Statement of Financial Information (for All Issues or Property & Finance cases). You can then take these to your own solicitors to enable them to produce your divorce papers.

Even if a final agreement can't be reached, mediation can help you do the groundwork for a divorce – the financial disclosures, for example – more cheaply than if you had used a solicitor for the whole process. Mediation will almost always work in your favor.

Can I bring my child/children to the appointment?

No, our mediators will not discuss parents issues in front of children and they may cause a distraction to the meeting. We don't curently have childcare facilities at any of our venues.

Can I bring my partner/a relation/a friend to the appointment for support?

We would prefer that you attend alone but if you feel you need some support you can bring someone with you to the meetings.

Who can I contact for further advice on separation and divorce issues?

Further separation and divorce information can be found at: http://www.advicenow.org.uk/tags/separation-divorce-and-dissolution-civil-partnerships