What is Legal Aid

Legal Aid is public funding available to help you if you are on a very low income.

Mediation is free for those who are eligible for legal aid, and a free mediation assessment meeting (MIAM) and free first mediation session are available if your ex is eligible, even if you are not.

This means that you could save thousands of pounds on court costs and get free mediation to resolve your child or finance issues.

Legal Aid is available if you qualify based on certain income and expenditure assessments. If you receive income related benefits or are on a very low income, you may be eligible for Legal Aid. Please note that if you live with a partner, their income will be taken into consideration when assessing your eligibility.

How do I know if I am eligible for Legal Aid?

To establish if you are eligible for legal aid for mediation you can take a look at the Legal Aid Calculator www.gov.uk/check-legal-aid

If you would like us to assess if you are eligible for Legal Aid in your mediation assessment meeting (MIAM), you will need to bring certain documents as evidence along to your assessment meeting. This is really important as we cannot asses you without them. Here is a current checklist of documents you will need to bring Legal Aid Information for Clients – please note that you must bring paper copies, so that we can photocopy your evidence for our records; online or phone records are not sufficient. If you are unable to bring a paper copy contact us to arrange sending an email copy prior to your assessment meeting.

If the assessment finds you are not eligible for Legal Aid or if you are unable to produce the evidence needed to assess you, you will be charged our standard rates.

If you have any questions about Legal Aid please contact us.