Can Family Mediation Help?

Can Family Mediation Help? Can Family Mediation Help? Can Family Mediation Help?
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The break-up of any relationship is painful and difficult, even more so when children are involved. There are decisions to be made about the future: shared parenting of your children, about money and where everyone is going to live, family mediation is a key approach to helping people reach these decisions in a professional, confidential and supportive way. 

You may own property together, have a business together or have children together and you may not see eye-to-eye on what a fair division looks like. Coming to an agreement in mediation, with the help of a qualified family mediator, can be faster and less expensive than a battle through the Courts.

Family mediation is a voluntary process; an initial meeting (MIAM) with a mediator will help you decide whether mediation is for you (check out our blog what to expect at an assessment meeting MIAM). The MIAM will also enable the mediator to asses if there are any issues that would mean mediation was not suitable.  If  you decide to seek a Court Order you will, in most situations, have to see a mediator first. A lot  more information can be found in our Q&A Section.

Mediation is a cost effective approach to reaching agreements during a separation. Full mediation can cost less than £500, the similar process through the courts will commonly over £5,000. For many families the cost can be covered through legal aid.

Our team of professional mediators will help you explore your current situation and build an agreement for the future. We will then document what you have both decided, ready for you to get the agreement legally finalised (should you wish or need to do this).