The Cost of Mediation

How much will it cost me?

The cost of mediation will vary according to your income level:

  • If you are on a very low income, you are likely to be eligible for legal aid support. 
  • If you just miss out on legal aid then, as we are a charity, we offer a 1/3 discount on all, full mediation sessions. 
  • If you fail to fulfil the rate for the above two options, then you will be charged our standard rates. 

The following table sets out the relevant rates. 

Legal Aid RateDiscounted Rate (for those on less than the Real Living Wage)Full Rate
MIAM£0 (£20 deposit on booking)£90£90
Final Agreement£0£150£150

1) all prices above are per person and include VAT.

2) all payments must be made before a mediation session or MIAM is held.

3) The deposit is retained until the file is closed.

What is Legal Aid and will I be eligible?

To establish if you are eligible for legal aid for mediation, you can take a look at the Legal Aid Calculator

If you would like us to assess if you are eligible for Legal Aid in your mediation assessment meeting (MIAM), you will need to bring certain documents as evidence along to your assessment meeting. This is really important as we cannot asses you without them. Here is a current checklist of documents you will need to bring. Legal Aid Information for Clients – please note that you must bring paper copies, so that we can photocopy your evidence for our records; online or phone records are not sufficient. If you are unable to bring a paper copy, please  contact us to arrange sending an email copy prior to your assessment meeting. 

If the assessment finds you are not eligible for Legal Aid, or if you are unable to produce the evidence needed to assess you, you will be charged our standard rates.

When do I pay?

We take payment when we make a booking for a meeting. 

How can I pay?

We take payment at the point you make the booking over the phone. We will accept payment via a credit or debit card. If you reserve a meeting through the website, then you will need to call to make payment. Failure to do this will mean that the meeting will not take place. 

We would like to do a shuttle mediation session, what is the cost implication of this?

These sessions cost the service more to run and as such, we do need to make a charge to cover these costs. The fee for a shuttle mediation is £36. This is normally split between the two parties. 

What happens if I cancel?

Our policy is:

  • That if the cancellation is less than 48 hours before a MIAM a charge of £35 will be taken, if you have booked under the belief you may be eligible for legal aid then this will be reduced to £20. 
  • That if the cancellation is less than 48 hours before a mediation session, then a charge of £35 will be made. Legal aid, prevents a charge being made for non attendance of these cases.