What to Expect at an Assessment Meeting (MAIM)

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Following a warm welcome, your mediator will introduce themselves to you and explain their role in the process. Details of our mediation team can be found here

The Assessment meeting has a number of objectives, the mediator will work through these areas during the meeting. The key objectives are:

  • Ensure that you understand the role of mediation and what it can and cannot do.
  • Assess if mediation is a safe option for you and the other people in the process.
  • Collects key information on what the main  issues are that could be covered during the mediation.
  • Assesses to see if legal aid could support you through the process of mediation.
  • Signpost other organisations that you may find helpful during your separation.

The Assessment meeting is held in private and is completely confidential. Sometimes, people wish to bring a friend or relative with them to the assessment for support. Your mediator may ask them to leave the meeting at times, if they view it necessary. Occasionally, the service may have a second person attend the assessment meeting, such as a trainee mediator. We will always explain who this person is and why they are there. If you are uncomfortable with them being there, please feel free to express this to your mediator and they will be happy to accommodate you.

At the end of the assessment your mediator will tell you if they feel mediation is a suitable option for you to resolve your issues. They may say its suitable for all or some elements and not others, or not at all.

You may also decide that mediation is not the approach you would like to take. 

If your mediator or you feel mediation is not the correct option, then your mediator will issue the relevant court forms for you. For Children cases; this would be the signed page, the C100 form, and for Asset cases; it would be Form A.

If however, mediation is the correct option, we will look to invite the second party to their own assessment meeting. 

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