Please reserve your preferred MIAM date and time. This meeting will be confirmed when payment has been received. Please call us to make payment. If you prefer we are happy to organise the time of a MIAM over the phone, call us on 01603 620588.

  • Category: Medation
  • Duration: 00:45 Hours
  • Address: Charing Cross Centre, Norwich NR2 1DN, UK (Map)




While we will try to make the date and time of your booking we may have to amend it if it clashes with other bookings or mediator availability. If we do need to adjust this, we will agree the new time and date with you in advance.

A MIAM is the starting point to mediation. Its a one-to-one meeting between you and a mediator. If at the end of the meeting you and the mediator feel mediation is the best way forward, The Norfolk Family Mediation Service will invite the other party to their own MIAM meeting.