What is the Norfolk Family Mediation Service?

What is the Norfolk Family Mediation Service? What is the Norfolk Family Mediation Service?
Norfolk Family Mediation Service is a charity dedicated to limiting the pain and cost of divorce, separation and family disputes to families across Norfolk. Being a charity enables us to both run a professional service, while also ensuring our hard work can have a big impact on the people of Norfolk. 

We know the breakup of any relationship is painful and difficult, especially if children are involved. With the support of a friendly, professional mediator, we can help you and your ex come to an agreement by offering a safe, impartial place to discuss the terms of your divorce or separation. We aim to help you agree on the things that really matter: who will pick the children up from school, who will have them in the holidays, and most importantly, how they will spend time with both parents. Relationship breakdown also results in the need to agree how assets, such as the family house or pensions are divided.

We have been helping families through divorce and separation for 36 years and are proud to offer a caring, professional service to those in need. We pride ourselves on providing a client-centred service. We strongly believe that mediation can help families through difficult times, helping separated couples build a new relationship based on fairness and respect, so that they can move forward and provide a stable, happy future for their children.

Whilst we are customer focused and professional, being a charity also allows us to support the families of Norfolk in additional ways. We offer a reduced fee service for low income families who do not qualify for legal aid. We are also actively involved in a range of community projects where our mediation skills can add value to areas such as housing conflict or enabling serving prisoners to agree access agreements with their children.