Support through separation

Welcome to Norfolk Family Mediation

Norfolk Family Mediation Service is a charity dedicated to limiting the pain and cost of divorce, separation, child contact issues and family disputes.

We know the breakup of any relationship is painful and difficult, especially if children are involved.

With the support of a friendly, professional mediator, we can help you and your ex come to an agreement by offering a safe, impartial place to discuss the terms of your separation or childcare arrangements.

We aim to help you agree on the things that really matter, such as who will pick the kids up from school, who will have them in the holidays, and most importantly, how they will spend time with both parents. We can also help you decide how to split property and finances fairly.

As mediation costs less than £200 per session, and is free if you are eligible for Legal Aid, it can be a cheaper, less stressful alternative than a battle through the Court.

Splitting from a partner is never easy, but mediation can help you find a way forward. If you are going through separation and want help deciding on the important things, get in touch today.