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Can Family Mediation Help?

Can Family Mediation Help?
The break-up of any relationship is painful and difficult, even more so when children are involved. There are decisions to be made about the future: shared parenting of your children, about money and where everyone is going to live. You may own property together or have a business you have set up and you may not see eye-to-eye on what a fair division looks like. Coming to an agreement in mediation, with the help of a qualified family mediator, can be faster and less expensive than a battle through the Courts.

Family mediation is a voluntary process; an initial meeting with a mediator will help you decide whether mediation (referred to as a Mediation Information and Advice Meeting or a MIAM) is for you. The MIAM will also enable the mediator to asses if there are any issues that would mean mediation was not suitable.  If  you decide to seek a Court Order you will, in most situations, have to see a mediator first. Lots more information can be found in our Q&A Section.

Mediation is a cost effective approach to reaching agreements during a separation. Full mediation can cost less than £500, the similar process through the courts will commonly over £5,000. For many families the cost can be covered through legal aid.

Our team of professional mediators will help you explore your current situation and build an agreement for the future. We will then document what you have both decided, ready for you to get the agreement legally finalised (should you wish or need to do this).

Case Studies

Real Life stories of Family Mediation Cases. Children, moving abroad, managing pensions and mortgages and MIAMs are all covered.

Child Mediation

Helping children spend time with both mum and dad: The story of Nigel and Emma and Jake.

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The Value of a MIAM

Avoid a stressful court battle while also saving money: The story of John and Zoe

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Financial Mediation

Financial mediation in later life provides a clean break: The story of Ron and Barbara

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Post Breakup Mediation

Keeping in contact when a child moves abroad; The story of Penny and her parents.

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Domestic Abuse

Effective mediation in cases that include domestic abuse: The story of Jane and David.

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Mediation Information Advise Meeting (MIAM)

The first stage of mediation

A forty-five minute meeting with a qualified family mediator to find out if mediation could work for you. If mediation is not the best option, it will also provide the information needed to move towards a court-led process.

Key Information

Key information for anyone looking to access Family Mediation.

The Cost of Mediation

Please find answers to all your questions regarding the cost of mediation

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Mediation Locations

Mediation is delivered across Norfolk; find your nearest location.

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Don't Forget

You may need to bring along documents; find out what may be helpful.

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Additional Support

Additional resources that can help you through mediation and separation.

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Everyone has a lot of questions; we have gathered some of the most frequent here.

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Help With Costs

Legal aid and reduced fee rates could support you through the process of mediation.

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• "It gave me a way forward, a chance to try and express my concerns about my children's future in a productive way rather than through email or text."

Why Mediation


The Steps to Family Mediation

Practical guides to family mediation: Key steps to mediation, What to expect from a MIAM, Three types of mediation and Child Inclusive Mediation.

The Steps to Family Mediation

The Steps to Family Mediation

A step-by-step guide to the Family Mediation process.

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What to Expect at an Assessment Meeting (MAIM)

What to Expect at an Assessment Meeting (MAIM)

The first stage of the Family Mediation is an assessment meeting often abbreviated to MIAM. What should you expect from the meeting?

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Mediation: 3 Different Types

Mediation: 3 Different Types

During a separation there can be a lot to sort out, from child access to the separating the future pensions. To help support families through these process we have three different types of mediation, Child Only, Property and Finance and All Issues.

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Child Inclusive Mediation

Child Inclusive Mediation

When dealing with children issues during mediation it is often important to allow the voice of the children to be included in the decision making process.

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"The staff Involved were knowledgeable, impartial and incredibly professional."

What is the Norfolk Family Mediation Service?

Norfolk Family Mediation Service is a charity dedicated to limiting the pain and cost of divorce, separation and family disputes to families across Norfolk.

What is the Norfolk Family Mediation Service? What is the Norfolk Family Mediation Service?
Norfolk Family Mediation Service is a charity dedicated to limiting the pain and cost of divorce, separation and family disputes to families across Norfolk. Being a charity enables us to both run a professional service, while also ensuring our hard work can have a big impact on the people of Norfolk. 

We know the breakup of any relationship is painful and difficult, especially if children are involved. With the support of a friendly, professional mediator, we can help you and your ex come to an agreement by offering a safe, impartial place to discuss the terms of your divorce or separation. We aim to help you agree on the things that really matter: who will pick the children up from school, who will have them in the holidays, and most importantly, how they will spend time with both parents. Relationship breakdown also results in the need to agree how assets, such as the family house or pensions are divided.

We have been helping families through divorce and separation for 36 years and are proud to offer a caring, professional service to those in need. We pride ourselves on providing a client-centred service. We strongly believe that mediation can help families through difficult times, helping separated couples build a new relationship based on fairness and respect, so that they can move forward and provide a stable, happy future for their children.

Whilst we are customer focused and professional, being a charity also allows us to support the families of Norfolk in additional ways. We offer a reduced fee service for low income families who do not qualify for legal aid. We are also actively involved in a range of community projects where our mediation skills can add value to areas such as housing conflict or enabling serving prisoners to agree access agreements with their children.

Meet the Team

Debbie Wahle


Having worked as a lawyer for over two decades, Debbie has spent the last 3 years delivering professional mediation across Norfolk.

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Sue Fowles


Sue brings her vast experience to provide mediation to clients in the West of the County and through Skype.

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Penny Ankin-Murray


Penny is fast proving her vast experience in children based services is helping develop her mediation skills across Norfolk.

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Jayne Gilman

Office manager

Jayne provides the Norfolk Family Mediation Service with office support and is the one you will speak to on the phone.

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Mike Mack


Mike provides the team with the support needed to run a professional service and to support the charity objectives.

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NFMS is a charity lead by an inspirational group of Trustees.

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NFMS Referral Process

With the rising number of cases we see that are self referring to mediation, there is an increasing need for the service to have a robust process to refer cases to support services. As a charity we always like to allow clients to select the provider of support they make contact with, therefore we keep a database of Norfolk based legal firms and charities who we pass on to clients when needed.

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Accredited Family Mediator - Norfolk, UK - 54353

Accredited Family Mediator

Following a trend of year-on-year growth, Norfolk Family Mediation is looking to expand its pool of Family Mediators.

As one of the oldest family mediation charities in the UK, we pride ourselves on striving to support all families across Norfolk who are going through separation or divorce. Our service is run from our Head office in Norwich, with outreach delivery in Great Yarmouth and Kings Lynn.

As well as the private client work, the service delivers legal aid mediation and has a reduced cost option for those who earn less than the living wage.

We are seeking family mediators who are:
  • Family mediators who have achieved full accreditation (FMCA status) or family mediators who have completed an FMC-approved training course and are working towards FMCA (described as ‘trained’).
  • Brilliant at communicating with clients from all backgrounds.
  • Able to produce effective paperwork for both clients’ needs and for Legal Aid audit requirements.
  • Experienced in undertaking legal aid assessments.
  • Enjoy working as part of a team, as well as independently.
In return, we will support you by:
  • Competitive pay. We are currently implementing a full review of pay and terms.
  • PPC support. Our Professional Practice Consultant is always on hand to support you with supervision. 
  • A flexible working approach, enabling you to work how best suits your availability. 
We are seeking mediators who can either; dedicate a few days a month or who would like to form part of our core delivery team.

If you would like to have a confidential conversation about the role, please feel free to call on 01603 620588.

To apply please upload your CV.

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